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Name:Pick the Music
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Prompt Suggestions|| coding
Driver picks the music ;

This community is in the likes of [community profile] theatrical_muse and [profile] elite_muses and every other one modeled after the prior. We are not affiliated in anyway with any of the those communities, we're simply doing our own writing community to offer more mediums for writers. You do not have to be a member of any other writing community, we just ask that you have a good grasp of writing. Instead of plain prompts we give you lyrics.
Shotgun shuts his cakehole ;
This Community is now open. Join with whoever you want, post when you want. Sure we'd like people to post a lot, but the mod knows sometimes inspiration doesn't hit. We do ask that you respond to the mod contact post so we can make a tag for a muse that may not have one.

This community is open to everything. Inanimate objects, original characters and tv/movie/book/etc. We encourage you to use your imagination, and original characters are more then welcome within these walls.

You may have as many muses as you'd like.

There can be as many of any muse as people want to write for them.

If the muse you want is currently taken then you can still join. Nice huh?

This community is drama free. If you cause drama you will be booted from the community.

Once a week a three songs will be posted. You must choose one to write about. You must answer one every month. Prompt responses must be at least 200 words, anything over 400 words should be behind a cut.

If you have prompt suggestions then by all means, please post them in the suggestion thread located on the mod journal!

This is an all ages community. Granted, you must be at least 13 years old to create a livejournal, we ask that for the safety of such if you write any prompt that contains sexual content, it must be placed behind a cut and make a note in the subject line that it contains adult material.

No spamming, bashing, or any form of rude behavior will be tolerated. We like to play nice. (This is not to say your muses can't dislike others or fight. IN character drama is fun, just don't you dare take it out on the mun for their muses actions. We can't control them, remember, we're puppets)

You do not have to stick to canon. You may use AU rps or whatever you want, as long as you stay close to what your fandom is.

You may post your entry in both your journal and the community, or you may post it in the journal of your muse and link it on the community.

If your prompts are going to contain spoilers for a current season of the show then please make note of that and place the entry behind a cut.
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